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Discover this popular site from a new angle and check out the Old Port of Montreal on Segway to discover the most beautiful views in the city of Montreal.

The Old Port of Montreal is a magical place. A real urban park in the heart of the city, the Old P ort of Montreal is the historic center of the city of Montreal and it stretches across more than two kilometers. The second most visited site in Canada, the Old Port welcomes more than 7 million visitors each year thanks to its marina and its numerous tourist activities including a theme park, a maze, a zip line, cruise ships and more.

65$ / person

Taxes not included.

Duration of 60 minutes

+ 15 minutes training included.

Montreal's industrial revolution

Ville-Marie was the starting point of the economic development of Canada and the St-Lawrence River played an important role in this sensational boom.

You will be a witness to Montreal’s maritime past while discovering the history of the magnificent vestiges of the industrial era of the Port of Montréal. Relive the excitement during this exclusive Segway tour.


65$ / person

Taxes not included.

Duration of 60 minutes

+ 15 minutes training included.

Segway or Hoverboard experience (express)

Experience a Segway or a hoverboard as part of our tours designed specifically to let you try these futuristic devices.

Whether as a couple, friends or family, take a trip around the quays of the Old Port of Montreal and discover Montreal, its history and its culture. Surprising discoveries await you on the way.

45$ / person

Taxes en sus.

Duration of 30 minutes

+ 15 minutes training included.
The Segway experience is only available on site.

Experience a unique, memorable and fun experience aboard our Segway or Hoverboards and discover an exciting way to explore Montreal from a different angle.

Take a tour on a Segway or Hoverboard



The Segway is a gyropod, ie a single-seat electric vehicle, consisting of a two-wheeled platform on which the user stands, a gyroscopic stabilization system with a holding and driving handle.


The hoverboard, is a new way of locomotion playful and ecological. Thanks to a battery of sensors of last generation, the hoverboard stabilizes you permanently, allowing to reach a speed of 15 km / h in complete safety.


Conditions and Requirements

Participants to our Segway and Hoverboard guided tours must meet the following requirements:

  • Sign a liability waiver.
  • Segway: 12 years old minimum with a parental consent.
  • Hoverboard: 10 years old minimum with a parental consent.
  • Wear flat shoes (no heels or flip flops).
  • Wear the helmet provided with the tour.
  • Minimum weight requirement for participants is 100 pounds and the maximum limit is 250 pounds.

Booking and Calendar

A reservation in advance on our website is strongly suggested to ensure availability of the segway and hoverboard on our various tours.

Our departure times depend on the different guided tours. For more details on departure times, select one of the tours above to see availability.

Our operating schedule and hours of operation are as follows:

  • 10:00 to 19:00

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Eco Tours Montréal brings you a futuristic experience with our cutting-edge segway and hoverboard. Come and try a new adventure that will delight your curiosity.


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